Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out?

The title of today’s post was inspired by Mr. John Lennon’s song. I’m impressed.

It reminded me of a painful truth. Really, it’s not easy. Where many people will leave us when we are difficult. When we are left at a time that should not be left behind. Sadly. In the end we are alone.

However, I have a different point of view now. The people who leave us are sometimes the people we love. When they leave us in a difficult situation, it’s a sign that they are not the right persons. So don’t blame yourself.

When we are abandoned, there must be many factors. I believe. One of them is deficiency. But, it’s not our fault. We just need to find the right person. People who can accept our weaknesses and strengths. Just the way you are.

Met people who came and went, depending on how long he was with me. Ignoring my care and loyalty. To the point where I once forced you to stay. But, soon I realized. If they are sincere, they will stay without me asking and forcing them.

To anything and anyone.

I do not want to force the desire to always be obeyed. I don’t get mad if someone asks me to leave. I’m not postponing a breakup, nor do I want to expect the same person. Let everything flow. Let them come and go as they please.

We’ll see who will stay.

So I don’t think “nobody loves you when you’re down and out” is not true. The problem is, they are not the right persons for you.



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